The Project

This guide is a cSPACE initiative with content developed by young people for visitors to the 2012 London Olympics and beyond. Teenagers have drawn on their local expertise to identify what is best in their communities, which is also unique, exciting and accessible for the 11-19 age group. Participants have created a real resource for an age group often overlooked in visitor information and in so doing gained in confidence and self-esteem while learning new media skills and becoming further informed about their own locality. Professional photographers and artists supported by teachers, youth leaders and university students have helped participants with their production of images and text that describe what they feel is good and to be shared about their local area.

The guide is intended to offer substantial information to visitors in 2012, while also providing a sustainable resource for local use. cSPACE is now working on the development of ypg2world, an international network of youth guides facilitating international dialogue and exchange.