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A good place to meet new people. You can play outside or work inside doing homework or leisure stuff. It’s a bit like a lab because there’s books, computers and things in there. They do lots of stuff such as pool, snooker, table tennis and table football

outside Shipman Youth Centre
  • outside Shipman Youth Centre
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  • outside Shipman Youth Centre
  • outside Shipman Youth Centre

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  1. Elaine Watson

    September 20th 2010 - 16:38pm

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    Am trying to find out some information regardng my sons exam results. Ashley Rowe D.O.B 24/02/1990, he attended the Shipman Centre during 1994-1996. He attended Brampton Manor Secoundary School. Ashley sat his exams here and we would like to know if you could help us to find out his results or step us in the right direction to find this information out. One of Ashleys teachers was called Steve, unfortuantley i don't know surname but he was an ex fireman.

    Would really appreciated any info that you have.
    Many thanks
    Elaine Watson (mother)


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