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A place to relax, lay down and watch the beautiful water and swans swimming. Not far from the Royal Victoria DLR station and next to the dock, is a watersports centre. Near this there is an area which locals call ‘the beach’. It is a really cool place because it is the only beach in Newham. It’s nice when you get the breeze from the water and can just stand there to reflect. There is a boat club nearby and a lot going on, though not many people know about it. It’s got stones and it’s like a beach - but it’s not exactly a real beach.

view from the beach
  • view from the beach
  • the beach
  • boat
  • reflection in the water
  • on the quay side
  • pontoon
  • wildlife
  • swans


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Western end of Royal Victoria dock
E16 1AH
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